I’m an accomplisher.

I’m an actuarial student with expertise in VBA and R.

Reliable solutions

I offer solutions automated with programming languages such as VBA, Python and R; the solutions deliver true ease-of-use.

Certified Excel Expert

I’m an certified Microsoft Office Expert with expertise in Microsoft Excel; I offer courses and consultancy in Microsoft Excel.

Ambitious Student

I’m studying to become a certified actuarian; it enables me to provide top-tier analytical solutions.


I’m an experienced young adult; I have worked at

– Resurs Bank, Business Support

RSA, Sales Consultant

Danish National Police, Analyst

OfficeKursus, Instructor and Consultant


I’m educated at top schools and universities. I went to the Elite Business Class in High School; I graduated as one of Denmark’s most accomplished students in secondary education.

I am currently studying to become a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries; currently studying a BSc in Actuarial Science from The University of Copenhagen.



I have gotten to know Frederik as a person with great knowledge and not least one who is curious and eager to learn new things.

He has an outstanding ability to analyze and solve new problems, and the challenges that may be associated with them. Good to cooperate and at the same time exceptional at working independently.

Will miss him as a colleague and can give the warmest recommendations.

Claus Stenild

Incident Manager,

Danish National Police

I have had the pleasure of being a team leader for Frederik, and has seen him excel, and develop, in a large number of areas.

Frederik has the ability, proactively, to acquire new knowledge, both within customer service, sales and complex IT systems. He is incredibly structured, ready for change and shows great commitment, plus he always strives to improve himself in all areas.

I can only give Frederik the warmest and best recommendations.

Svend Olsson

Team Leader,

Resurs Bank

Only passionhard work are keys of my success.




(+45) 42 43 14 36